Road Construction

L. A. Barrier & Son Inc. has been hauling asphalt since the 1940s, which demonstrates our long and very experienced life in asphalt paving. We have also contributed to many concrete and cement road projects.

All of our dump trucks are equipped with the proper tools to haul asphalt such as asphalt tarps and dumpbed vibrators. 

The knowledge and experience we have gained while successfully completing numerous road construction projects helps ensure our success with future similar projects.  Our staff is well trained in both asphalt and concrete road construction and rehabilitation.

We value the longevity of our strong relationships with the road construction companies mainly in the South Carolina area, but also throughout the nation. They have given us many opportunities and we have shown and will continue to show our appreciation by doing the best we can possibly do for each and every customer.

Contact us about your next asphalt or cement road construction project.

Why Choose Us?
  • Fast & reliable delivery
  • We can accommodate any custom or specific order
  • We have the very best and most current equipment in our fleet
  • We have over 70 years of hauling experience
  • We are a proud member of both the Lexington Chamber of Commerce and the South Carolina Trucking Association
DBE Program

L. A. Barrier & Son Inc. is a licensed member of the South Carolina Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program. We have been a women owned company since 1964.